A Guide To Free Games At Any Age

When one makes a site on video games, or on the cinema, or on the books, or on the comics, one is often tempted to make a section “News”. The problem is that there are news every day and that your site will always follow less news than the big professional sites. Like many beginners, you will start by talking about the news the first days, but in front of the avalanche of the new games, you will give up very quickly. It is therefore best from the beginning of your site to make a page with a title that will not require you to add articles every day. Your page may be called for example “My favorites” or “My selection of games”; etc? So you will not become slave to your site and you will not add items only when you feel like it. Your site will last longer.

Think of a slogan for your site:

It is always nice to put a slogan in the subtitle on a site. To find a fun or original slogan on a video game site, think of everything you love about these games, and what you want to provide on your site. Write down even long sentences, and when you like a phrase that fits your site, try to reduce it to length to make it a slogan.

Plan your future domain name:

If you choose Wifeo to make your site is that you are looking for a free formula. So you do not want to reserve a domain name that is necessarily paying. That does not stop you from thinking about it. Be aware that Wifeo will provide you with your domain name for a very low price. The world of video games is very competitive, the day you found a good domain name, do not delay too much to take it before others do it for you.

Explain how to shoot video games:

There are techniques, tools and software to make good videos of video games. If you know how to shoot a player playing, share your knowledge on one of the pages of your site.

Make yourself video games:

How to make a small video game, what software to use, what level of coding is needed, etc. You can make a folder on this topic because it may interest your visitors.

An agenda of fairs, meetings and meetings on video games:

Create a page to remind the dates of the different events related to video games. Do not try to be exhaustive and cover the whole world. You can limit yourself to important events or those organized in your area.

Do not forget the guestbook for gaming enthusiasts:

Feel free to place the guestbook provided free by Wifeo. It is always nice to have opinions about your work.

Games classifieds:

Install the free classifieds module offered by Wifeo. It will then be possible to sell and trade games, and consoles on your website.

Portraits of the greatest French and foreign Gamers:

Video game enthusiasts will certainly be interested in reading a portrait or biography of their favorite champion. This will certainly require a lot of research and writing, but you will be rewarded by the increased traffic to your site.