A new financial windfall for video game publishers

If they are sometimes described as bad for children, video games would be good for people over 50, mobilizing and improving their cognitive abilities, says a recent study.

Hundreds of people over the age of 50 observed by researchers have shown signs of improvement in their cognitive abilities and of years of declining old age. This is the latest in a series of studies that aims to understand why, as we age, we lose those major brain functions that ensure the functioning of memory, attention, perception, and resolution.

Everybody plays:

Kindergarteners and schoolchildren, mothers of families and businessmen, old men and old women! In the face of excitement, everyone is equal: gender, age, nationality, profession, and marital status do not matter. The game industry has the goal of tight interactive communication between the players:

  1. Computer games are very close to human nature. They give a person an action-filled illusion filled with bright emotions. Only in the virtual world a player can conquer all the peaks and thereby raise his self-esteem and his authority in the eyes of his teammates.
  2. A good way to take in children (friends, neighbors, guests, classmates, brother and sister) is games for two. This means that time will be spent with benefit: in puzzles or arcades, you can check who thinks better and faster, or who is cleverer. Although in general all kinds of fights among children are more than enough: driving games, exciting bomber men, martial arts, etc.
  3. Under the influence of external circumstances, a person often experiences macro-stress, and games are the most powerful antidepressant. They allow you to reset the negative, recruited for the day, let off steam and return to real life in high spirits. And it is not at all necessary, as some skeptics think, if you broke the rules in races, then you will surely violate traffic rules on real city streets and country roads.
  4. Simulation games are a great way to learn something new: for example, learn a foreign language or try yourself as a leader. It turns out? Do you cope? Welcome to the real!
  5. Strategy games, so popular among men of different ages; perfectly develop strategic and tactical thinking.
  6. Quests train memory, teach them patience and perseverance, develop logical thinking. These games are preferred by lovers to think.
  7. Attention and speed of thinking – qualities that train action. An amateur of this kind of games can quickly make a decision in life, and this, of course, is a great advantage. It is worth talking about the games, all the people at once are divided into two camps: for and against.

Personally, there are more advantages, you can even loved history and geography and learned a lot. In our country, they are generally going to introduce a project – to learn the history of computer games, to observe a reasonable balance, not to bring your hobby to fanaticism – then you can take all the best of the games in your life!