Apply These Secret Techniques to Improve Free Games

Adults often talk about computer games being bad for kids. You’ve probably already noticed that. But is it really like that? Or does gambling have good sides?

Some studies have found that gambling is not only bad, it also has benefits! So the next time your parents get upset about computer games, you can give them a few reasons why not everything is bad about it:

  • Who plays on the computer, is happier and friendlier in his everyday life when gambling you can reduce stress. Many are therefore not so quickly irritated in normal life and can react friendlier in an annoying situation in everyday life.
  • Many computer games can be played with several people today. You learn how to best reach your goal as a team. You have to stick together and support each other. Often children also play with their friends and thus strengthen their friendships.
  • You practice hand-eye coordination. This is a skill that you can use later in your job. For example, when working in a car repair shop, doctor’s office or at a newspaper. In these professions you need tact. The interaction of eyes and hands must work well so that you can react quickly.
  • By gambling, the spatial imagination improves. This means that you can imagine spaces better. For example, if someone asks you what your hotel room looked like on vacation, then you must use your spatial imagination. Only then can you remember the room and describe it. When gambling, you learn to imagine spaces in which you are not really.

But beware: your parents are of course right to be worried if you play video games all day. Gambling is only advantageous if you do not exceed a certain period of time.

Gentle, medium and strong play

How do researchers actually find out when Gamin is good or bad? For this, they often divide children into different groups. It measures how long children sit in front of the PC or the console every day and then investigates the impact this has on their lives. In a recent Oxford University study, children were divided into three groups:

Easy Gambling: Less Than One Hour a Day

The Oxford researchers have found that easy gaming has benefits for children’s lives. That’s all we have listed above. So playing computer games can be good if you play less than an hour a day.

Mittleres Gamen: You play between one and three hours a day

If you play more, this has no good but no bad consequences in everyday life. So, if you play for between one and three hours a day and your parents do not like it, you cannot defend yourself with the above benefits because they only apply if you play less than an hour a day.

Strong Game: You play more than three hours a day

In the study from Oxford, however, it also came out that more than three hours of game a day has a bad impact on the lives of children. For example, you are less satisfied with your life and less friendly. In addition, there is a greater risk of neglecting other things like sports, music or friends.

Gambling is like chocolate

Who does not know chocolate: it’s so delicious you just cannot get enough of it. This is similar to computer games. They are so much fun that you just do not want to stop playing. The problem is that too much gambling is not good. Just like too much chocolate.