Becoming a video game designer: Not just a profession

Many young players dream of working as a video game designer. And for good reason! The latter has a preponderant role to create games always more original, interactive and engaging. How to become a Video Game Designer? Find here the missions, necessary training, and remuneration of this profession.

Become a video game designer: Qualities required

The passion for video games is an essential prerequisite. It is indeed necessary to know the history of video games. A video game creator must also play a lot; not only to keep abreast of the evolution of this universe but also to put himself in the gamers’ shoes. This is how he will be in position to design video games that meet the expectations of the target audience.

Just like a novelist, a video game designer must have an overflowing imagination. He must constantly invent stories, sets and characters. To renew himself, he must have many ideas. They must be original and coherent.

Being creative, cultivated and passionate is not enough. The game designer must have a strong team spirit. Indeed, a video game designer works with specialists in illustration, graphics or animation, and must also master the creation software.

Video Game Designer: Career / Evolution Opportunity:

A video game designer, during his professional career, can take several directions. For example, he may specialize in a field such as sports games to improve his skills. He can also take more responsibility in a studio. Depending on his experience, his level of education, his qualities and skills, he can aspire to become a project manager or production manager. Often passionate about their job, video game designers prefer to do the same job, but in studios with bigger projects. Gross monthly salary of a beginner is 1600 $.

Become a Video Game Designer: Training Needed

Several solutions exist to become a video game designer . A general baccalaureate or STD2A (sciences and technologies of design and applied arts) in your pocket, you will move towards a training level BAC + 2:

  • BTS visual communication multimedia option;
  • BTS audiovisual professions option image professions;
  • DUT computer option digital imaging.

You can then choose one of the pro licenses dedicated to video games or direct you to private school formations:

  • Supinfogame in Valenciennes;
  • ENJMIN (National School of video games and interactive digital media) in Angoulême;
  • Goblins – School of the image in Paris;
  • Isart Digital in Paris.

The university offers other possibilities with specialized pros masters. A last solution is to pass a diploma of multimedia engineer, modeling of the image.

Situation of the profession / context to become a video game designer

Many video game designers start their professional careers as level designer. It must be said that professional integration is quite difficult because many young people try to integrate the attractive and developing world of video games. To begin with an internship or to pass his diplomas in alternation is without doubt the best way to be recruited by a studio.