Got Stuck? Try These Tips To Streamline Your Free Games

Satisfy your passion for video games at a cost, unfortunately often too high for student grants. Here are our practical tips to succeed in playing despite your small budget.


It is a formula that seduces more and more players in France. The exchange of games is convenient and much more advantageous than the traditional purchase. A site like Gamoniac offers to play more than 12 titles per year for less than 120 € (just the price of 2 new games).

Make your market on the web

Disregard specialty shops and shop online. is probably the most competitive site for new games. But do not hesitate to search foreign sites, prices are often even more interesting.

The opportunity sometimes has good

Whether at a professional opportunity (Cash Express, Okkazeo or GameCash) or on a classifieds site (Ebay, PriceMinister and especially Leboncoin), you will have no trouble finding your happiness.

Resell them

This is the ideal way to make your purchase profitable. The money collected will then allow you to acquire more easily a new title.

Be patient

There is no point in rushing on freshly released hits. While you sometimes have to spend no less than $ 70 to buy a new title, waiting a few weeks can save you up to half the price. It’s up to you to resist social pressure and advertising.

Ready games

Even if Microsoft wanted to make the practice impossible on Xbox One, the exchange between friends remains the simplest way to multiply the gamer experiences.

Watch out for their life!

Why not go for titles that will keep you busy all year long? “FIFA”, “Call of Duty” (for its multiplayer mode of course!), “The Elder Scroll”, or “Minecraft”, there are not the possibilities that are missing.

Stay tuned for promotions

The PSN [PlayStation Network] and Xbox Live regularly offer promotions on dematerialized games. It is also wise to keep abreast of discounts made by major retailers, including Carrefour and FNAC who sometimes sacrifice certain games to deplete their stocks. But we must admit that this does not happen often.


Play on smartphone

Often free, applications are generally affordable even for small grants. The price is one of the massive arguments of video games on mobiles and tablets.

Get out the old consoles

A real gamer necessarily has a PlayStation or a Super Nintendo tidy in a corner of the house. If this is not your case, you can always look for your happiness at the corner of a garage sale to find a legendary console at a lower cost. The more lazy can also download an emulator directly on the Web.

Trendy Bonus

To play cheaper, or even for free, stay true to your new video games section. Trendy will make you regularly win the latest hits of your consoles. Probably this is the most effective way to save money. These are the parts that you should be specific about as they come up as the perfect opportunities. Finer opportunities are there as well.