How to block Yolo Anonymous app and keep children safe

Similar to Sarahah app, Yolo is also one of the most trending apps among kids, which allows them to ask and answer questions anonymously. It means other users or your friends will not be able to recognize you as your identity is hidden in this app.

If you have heard of this app for the first time, you must know that Yolo is nothing or we can say is useless without the Snapchat app. Yolo needs to be linked to your Snapchat account, giving you the freedom to receive messages or answers from your friends and other users.

When it comes to kids’ safety, sign-in of your kids on Yolo app using their Snapchat account is a matter of concern to some extent. Using Yolo means they are allowing other users to target them on this platform, where the chances of getting bullying and hateful messages are high. It is all because of the anonymity where you will get disrespectful messages from people you do not know as the result of their hidden identity.

If your kid has become a victim of bullying through Yolo or you want to keep your kids safe from such situations, so instead of yelling on your kids to not use such apps, the best way is to block Yolo Anonymous app and prevent your kids from being trolled in any way.

You just have to follow the given steps to block Yolo app on your phone for strangers. It works great in blocking the receiving messages on Yolo Snapchat app from unknown users.

  • The very first step is to open the Snapchat app on your phone.
  • Now, on the left side of the app, you will Men icon which you have to click.
  • Next, look at the top right corner to find the Gear icon and click on this icon.
  • Now, scroll down to find ‘Who can….’ section, where you will find ‘Send me snaps’ option, so click on this option.
  • Next step is to select ‘My friends’ option. This can be done by answering the question ‘Who is allowed to send me snaps?’ Here, you have to check My friends. Remember that if you select ‘Everyone’ all users, even including strangers are allowed to send you snaps, which is not a good idea at all.
  • Now, press the back button and it will save all settings.

Now, no stranger can ever send you snap and you will get messages from friends and people you know. This way, you can keep your children safe from any kind of misbehavior from strangers.