Learn to spend coins in Brawl Stars effectively

In Brawl Stars, you earn coins which help in handling various challenges in the game and the way you use those coins works effectively in progressing your game. So, the coins must be used the efficient ways in Brawl Stars so that you can gain maximum benefits from them.

Here, you will learn about some useful tips to spend your earned coins effectively in the game. But before that, you must be aware of when to save coins. It is so because saving coins works great in increasing your chances of having an epic and legendary items. In addition to this, many players save coins so that they can open a large amount of Brawl Boxes at a time. So, if you do not do this, make sure to start doing this from now.

There are some situations in the game when it is not recommended to save coins; instead, you have to spend your coins in those cases. Some of them are as:

If there are many brawlers to unlock or the brawlers dominating in definite maps, so before thinking of saving coins, you must have at least one best brawler for each map.

The situation when you need Elixir, at this point if you want to save coins, you will be left with no Elixir for upgrades, which means no brawl box and no Elixir. So, you must always keep in mind that if you want to level up in the game, the upgrade is a must. When you play with powerful brawlers, you will have a game with lots of advantages.

The coins should always be spent wisely and when you are in desperate need of something, it can help you greatly in bringing a great change in the game.

Like, you have to spend coins when you want a new strong brawler. Supercell has come up with a new OP brawler that ensures to give 100% winrate. So, the best idea to get this brawler is to keep opening a box and keep your fingers crossed. This way, you can spend your earned coins in getting a new brawler.

There may be many situations arrive in your game when you want to push higher. For your knowledge, pushing trophies is not as easier as you think of, and that too without upgrading your brawlers. So in this case, you must spend your coins in upgrading your favorite brawlers and gain advantages over your enemy brawlers.

Now, when you get an idea of spending your coins efficiently, the possibility of doing the best and do major damage increases a lot.