Better Results on the Computer Games for You

Studies that prove that computer games are good for the brain are almost old hat. But what does that mean? Can it even have a positive effect on career and professional life when playing computer games in your free time and, if so, which games are beneficial and which possibly even harmful? These questions we have followed and come to some amazing results, which are likely to be interesting for each of the estimated 34.1 million computer and video players.

The Spoiling Time

What can really spoil a gamer’s mood? An unsatisfactory gameplay or lost opportunities probably. But if you want to play lyrics like “Schw. Tr. d. Le.en.-W. “or” To ready your weapon or fists, press: F. To attack, press: I key. To block, press R key “.

  • Embarrassing translation errors like these can be avoided by professional localization of computer games. A study by Newzoo proves that the computer games industry is booming and the call for translated or localized games is getting louder and louder . According to the figures, depending on the country, 40-60% of the population spend money on computer games. The study also shows that 59% of MMO players in Germany and 58% of all German players expect social networking games translated into German. The results for mobile, console, PC and casual games are even higher. But there is also an enormous demand for localized games in the growth markets of Mexico (58%), Brazil (76%) and Russia (81%).

In their work, localizers of games have many features to consider. For example, game content must be adjusted for reasons of youth protection or cultural circumstances, for example, death may not be depicted in China. It may be necessary to rename a game for certain markets because the original name already exists in the country. It goes without saying that a contemporary language must be used.

Technical Side

But also the technical side in the localization of computer games should not be underestimated. Text fields must be adapted to the usually longer in the translation German text, otherwise the letters simply run out of the field or are swallowed by the edge of the screen. Such strong abbreviations, as mentioned in the beginning, spoil the player’s enjoyment of the game.

  • The localization of computer games succeeds only when people work on it almost pedantic. In addition to the adaptation to cultural conditions or legal regulations as well as technical know-how, creativity, sensitivity, humor in witty games and correctly translated names are in demand.
  • Games can help to make the brain more flexible and powerful and, according to various studies, have a positive influence on the brain. Computer games can be used to train important characteristics that also play a role in professional life. However, they also do no miracles and make sense only if the handling is moderate. If the framework conditions are right and you want to compensate for a certain deficit a bit, the brain can indeed gain a learning effect from the games.
  • In particular, strategy games account for about 30% of sales in Germany and have the potential to help the brain to jump, to stimulate logical thinking processes and to improve cognitive abilities. This can improve self-organization, which can be very helpful for many professions. Not to forget is the factor patience. In particular, the impatient among us can benefit from games that require a healthy amount of patience to reach the goal. The resulting reward effect in the brain can have very positive effects and reduce impatience.