Black Survival : how to master solo mode before playing PvP match

Black Survival is a fun battle royale game where you and other 99 players have to fight for their survival on an isolated battlefield. The main aim of each player is to become the last man standing by making their strategies and follow them carefully. No matter whether you play as an individual or in a team, even a single mistake can kill you before the game ends and you will be out of the game.

Playing and fighting fellow survivors has also been an exciting experience in all survival games and similarly happens in Black Survival for PC. At each step, you have to fight for your survival, where the helpful features of the game play a great role in defending you from your enemies. You have to protect your character by getting powerful weapons and by wearing armor.

If you are a new player, it is always suggested to play a ‘Single Game’ before going further to PvP match. Always keep in mind that when you master the single game, you will surely perform much better in PvP match and the possibilities of your survival till the end of the game increase to a great extent.

Before fighting real players, make yourself comfortable with Black Survival gameplay and learn to make strategies to kill your enemies with the help of in-game tutorial. It will help you to learn the basics of the gameplay with great ease. When you get familiar with the basics and become master of it, you will not find much difficulty in playing PvP matches.

In solo or single game mode, you have the freedom to control your game. Like, you can decrease the number of AIs which enable you to play your game at your own pace. Too many survivors will not appear frequently in the battlefield, this way you will learn the game at your preferred speed. You can fight against even one survivor or three, the choice is all yours.

You can add or remove as many bots as you want in your game so that you can play Black Survival at your own pace. When you become a master in single mode, you can go for combat practice mode which is harder than your previous mode. If you have just started playing Black Survival, it would be good to avoid this mode in the beginning.

Once mastering solo mode, you should try practicing other modes against bots and gradually you will become capable of playing PvP match effectively.