Progress Crusaders of Light gameplay with these handy leveling tips

Crusaders of Light is a fairly straightforward game that gives players a lot of freedom and lets them choose their gameplay. There are several different characters to choose from. The vastness of the map invites players to explore new parts and the extensive gameplay makes the game more intriguing than most video games would be.

There are several complex details attributed to the game making it more addictive than most. There are several levels in the gameplay marking the progress and increase in the difficulty of the game. There are ways to manoeuvre yourself in the game, according to the level you are playing on. To make sure you make the most out of Crusaders of Light, here are some of them-

Level 1-12

Follow up the early quests along with the crab beach and other related locations. There is a quest guide feature present in these levels so make sure you use it to your advantage and make the most of it. View it on the upper right-hand side of your screen and successfully take your character to the next level.

Level 13

The only quest left in the main quest chain is to complete your first dungeons. If you are the one going through them with a couple of other people and don’t have a great healer in your party. The best way to maximize your reward at this stage is to make sure you complete your daily quests and tasks to earn the maximum rewards.

Levels 14-28

The best way to navigate through these levels is to make sure you follow the main story quests. Make sure you finish these and keep a few optional quests available once you complete these. Try to gain as many new skills as possible so it is easy for you to mix and match moves to ensure you cause the maximum damage using the lowest amount of resources.

You will also unlock dungeon quests in these levels, which will allow you to collect the maximum loot possible. So make sure you finish these quests as well.

With these tips in mind, one can easily make their way through the first 28 levels of the game of Crusaders of Light. You should follow them to make the most out of your gaming experience. Go ahead and try them now!

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