King of Hunters – Magical Fantasy Battle Royale

King of Hunters is a wonderful mixture of MOBA and battle royale, this gives you an extremely entertaining and interesting action game. Basically, it is an interactive sandbox arena game which is developed by NetEase Games and has added one more top preferred online game in its list.

The game has many things to offer to its players, giving them a number of options to choose from and various exclusive features to take benefits, so that you can overcome all challenges to survive in this magical fantasy battle royale cum action game. It is packed with a variety of melee/ninja weapons to fight your enemies in an effective and clean way. The numbers of actions are involved in this game, such as jumping and climbing on the walls, moving between buildings, as well as controlling the landscape so that you can set up the traps and hit your target.

What makes King of Hunters more interesting is the huge collection of weapons as well as how you strategize with armor and other items such as swords, knives, and axes. Here, you have to fight your enemies in close housings, where you either hunt others or be hunted by your enemies in just a second. All you have to do is make interaction with the surrounding environment and try to make effective use of buildings, wooden boxes, trees, and even rocks so that you can climb and jump freely from one place to another. It is very important to wait for the perfect time and when you find it has arrived, simply make an unexpected attack on your opponents from the sky.

King of Hunters has danger at each corner of the map, so cannot identify where your enemies are hiding to hunt you, so always be careful when you move. You need to find a safe place to hide and use traps for your enemies.

Here are a few things that must be kept in mind while playing this magical fantasy battle royale game.

  • Make sure to interact with the environment around you and make the best use of buildings, trees, boxes or rocks to take advantage of attacked the enemies from the sky.
  • Keep in mind that each corner of the map has a potential hunter, so be careful and hide to wait for the right time to attack your enemies.
  • You can ride a horse to grab the enemy, simply use your weapon and attack the enemy to have a face-to-face battle.
  • It involves fighting for the alliance and the performance of each alliance can change the outcome of the battle.

In this gameplay, you will get a chance to enjoy intense battle and excitement that you can ever experience with other games.

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