Video Game as a profession; great opportunity for video game lovers

You are over 18, you are passionate about video games and you have knowledge in the field, so you match the profile to be a video game tester.

What is the job of video game tester?

As its name suggests, the main purpose of the video game tester is to test all sorts of electronic games by playing them for hours and sometimes in a repetitive way to evaluate the game in question (functionality, characters, options, graphics) and to detect possible anomalies to make a report as objectively as possible that will be transmitted to programmers.

Nowadays, more and more video game programmers are calling on testers. This allows them, on the one hand, to know the different opinions of gamers on their products and on the other hand, to take into account the relevant and recurrent remarks of these testers. All in order to improve the quality of their games before they are put on the market, to satisfy their customers and thus increase their turnover.

What are the qualities to be a good tester of video games?

Being a tester does not necessarily require a degree, however, it obviously requires some knowledge in the field and certain qualities such as patience, observation, concentration and the spirit of analysis and synthesis. These qualities allow him to give a relevant opinion on all aspects of the game tested and anticipate the criticism of future players. To put the odds on your side you can of course train on the job by exercising on your console or as some companies require, take a training in a field related to video games.


Being a video game tester has many advantages:

  • As mentioned above, this trade does not require any degree or professional experience.
  • The games to be tested are offered to the testers in addition to remuneration.
  • The work requires no physical effort or movement. It represents a saving of time, energy and money.
  • The tester discovers exclusive games well before they are put on the market.
  • A salary equal to or higher than the SMIC.

The inconvenient

Being a tester has a lot of advantages but it unfortunately has some disadvantages. This activity can quickly become boring, because it is not only about playing but to track the flaws of the game, to discover its limits. It can take months. The tester will have to play for hours in a row at the same game, even if he does not like it. Or to press the same button for hours to check the quality of the game.

Entrepreneurship is also an exciting, addictive and time-consuming activity, and you may be wondering how to open your video game store. The main risks associated with the use of video games are the lack of physical activity and the problem of inappropriate content for young children. It is therefore important for parents to have an eye on the sites they frequent, but also to limit the playing time. Despite these risks, it is difficult to ignore the benefits they bring. The most important thing is that children are children: they need to have fun and give free rein to their imagination! What better than video games to enrich their little imaginary world?