What makes TVTap app different

TVTap is a free android app that offers sufficient SD links for live TV from Europe and the US. Before testing TVTap we had high hopes however eventually we discovered an irregular app with questionable links that were totally inappropriate for live sport. Regardless of this, it is still among the more robust free live TV apps that we have evaluated, particularly for UK content.

Is it an app that we would use frequently?

We, in fact, believe TVTap offers an excellent backup for live TV however this is most likely just because it is among the couple of apps that work, albeit partly. The sports channels are basically redundant due to the severe buffering, which is an embarrassment considered that all of our group love out sport!!!

We do not wish to be excessively extreme on TVTap however if they truly wish to enhance the user experience of the app then they might really make with organizing the channels together. Preferably, we do not wish to choose a classification to then be faced by channels provided without any sensible order.


We were pleased to see that TVTap had a wide range of channels from the UK, US and across Europe. Their list caters for everybody (other than sports fans) with entertainment, music and a kid’s classification. In overall, we found over 150 channels of content that primarily worked which, for a free app, is not to be smelled at.

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We also saw loads of web just channels like MUTV and links for membership occasions such as Sky Ticket Office which is a distinguishing characteristic. In our experience, you will usually require a VPN to access these channels considered that they do not run like typical TV channels.


As we frequently anticipate and find with free apps the quality of the streams is generally found desiring. This held true with TVTap. Most of the streams were SD quality and although they worked ok, the rough images were off-putting to us.

The channels on this app were a little hit and miss out on. While most in the entertainment area worked, the streams for live sport were definitely awful to take a look at with their continuous lag. Sports channels need to have a high resolution otherwise it ends up being practically difficult to watch. We’d go as far to say that if TVTap can’t offer much better than SD streams for sports channels then there isn’t much point in troubling.


This app offers a basic user interface that was responsive enough, however scrolling through the channels was a task. We didn’t recognize any rational technique to the way the channels were noted. Once we picked a classification, they weren’t organized by nation or noted alphabetically.