How to turn your video game addiction to your profession

Video games have many advantages: they especially promote mental adaptation. The whole thing is to control the time spent on it.

Video games: they promote communication

The study was conducted with undergraduate students for two months. The total playing time was 14 hours, which is far from huge. This amounts to playing about 30 minutes a day. This short time has, however, allowed us to identify positive effects.

Compared to the control group, youth who played video games communicated more easily, were more resourceful, resourceful and adaptable. These games encourage critical thinking, reflection, two important behaviors in adult life and professional life. Provided, of course, to choose the right games, and not to become addict!

This is an old debate between parents and children so many times, but since the generalization of the use of video games (the average age is 41), it seems to preoccupy the entire society. Doctors, psychologists, sociologists, everyone goes from his theory and is a singer or detractor of the virtual. Studies are multiplying and, armed with new technical means, we will even probe our brain activity in search of answers.

With the proliferation of gaming media, the increasing share of women long-time left behind, the emergence of mega productions and fierce marketing campaigns, it appears that the concept of video games in itself cannot more to be denied, especially with the appearance of studies unequivocally affirming their great advantages.

Yet, various facts linking the violence of games and its transposition into the real world, as well as the increasingly recurrent phenomenon of dependence, tip the scales towards greater restriction and improved control. So, between virulent accusations and undeniable success, will video games experience future decay or will they become our best allies?

They make you smarter!

You will not be able to complain about the haughty character of the Geeks. If they display this superior and intelligent air, it may be because they are! In any case, this is the result of numerous studies that point to the stimulation of instant reactivity and the reflection on ways to get out of a complex situation. This cannot be generalized to all games but would mainly concern those related to strategy like Star-craft, which has been competing with a more “stupid “game by a London university to prove the impact of games on intelligence. These works, corroborated also by a study, tend to express clearly the positive impact of these games on the gray matter, also improving the memory, developing the patience and the spatial tracking. Moreover, they would even allow women to catch up with men in this area!

These properties have been confirmed in the elderly, helping to delay aging and senility at home. This is the mobilization of mental abilities that tend to weaken with the natural aging of the body, allowing their maintenance and maintenance of a keen brain activity. Indeed, the latest advances in neurology have broken the myth of a brain almost irremovable in adulthood; it would continue to undergo significant changes according to our behavior and that until our death.